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Project Description - performance advantage up to factor 10

Compared to the single-thread approach of SQL Server itself, SQL Parallel Boost facilitates the parallel execution of any data modification operations (UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE) - making best use of all available CPU resources.
This results in performance gains of up to factor 10 (!), which is typically useful in data warehouse and ETL environments, or situations you're facing massive data modification operations.

SQL Parallel Boost is purely based on T-SQL. The built-in dispatching function automatically splits any statement into activities, which are the executed in parallel. The currently supported splitting rules are: even, or no split if count of rows affected is below a predefined threshold.

The parallel execution can be tuned thru job related priority settings. Potential deadlocking situations are handled automatically (retry) and the execution of queued (waiting) activities can be indirectly cancelled thru optional timeout values.

For large data volume operations, SQL Parallel Boost improves data modification performance by up to factor 10 (!).

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Solution Components

  • Repository Database with SQL tables (execution queue and configuration settings)
  • T-SQL stored procedures and user-defined functions
  • SQL agent job definitions
  • SQL Mgmt Studio custom reports for monitoring and analysis (Enterprise Edition only)

**Community Edition**

The Community Edition is a available free of charge under the current project license.

An Enterprise Edition (starting from 1250 EUR; licensed per server instance) is available from ibax AG. You may send your request thru the provided contact form on

The Enterprise Edition includes extended features like
  • Controlled maximum CPU usage to avoid potential server 'freeze' due to 100% CPU (over)load
  • Support for CPU optimized job splitting rule on base of affected rows: WEIGHTED
  • Integrated statement validation during the preliminary job dispatching
  • Support for alternate multi-statement splitting: MULTI_STMT
  • Minimized locking congestion on target object processed
  • Improved security thru enforced job execution in calling user context
  • Support of execution parameter templates in context of calling code, target object, etc.
  • Extended logging of job/activity executions
  • Extended interactive execution monitoring and analysis reports available as SQL Management Studio integrated custom reports
  • Access to support for configuration and operations
More details about the Enterprise Edition as PDF-Brochure.

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